Dimensional Standards Calibration

We are a member of N.C.S.L. (National Conference of Standards Laboratories) and use extremely sophisticated Pratt & Whitney Measuring Systems equipment. Have your calibrations done on time this year. When they come due, send them to us for a quick turnaround. We can help you with:

Your certification traceable to SI units will be ready 5 working days after we receive your gage blocks. Please call for pricing. (1-800-382-0393)

Calibration Equipment

Pratt & Whitney Labmaster-Universal Laser Interferometer Based Measuring System
Pratt & Whitney LabMaster Direct reading capacity of 14" with a resolution of 0.1 microinch(.0000001"). Extremely high accuracy calibration of gage blocks, plain pin gages, plain & thread plug gages, plain & thread ring gages, thread & gear wires, taper plugs & rings, pipe & tapered thread plugs, end standards, micrometers (O.D., I.D. & depth), dial indicators, radius & feeler gages and vernier/dial calipers.

Actco Metrology Services

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