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Our well trained inspectors work hard to keep our turn-around time at a minimum. We also have people dedicated solely to processing your data for inspection reports, statistical analysis and/or GD&T evaluation.

Here is how the process works:

To insure the accuracy of all of our equipment, we have a specially designed environmental control system installed in our 3500 foot˛, 68.5+/-3° F inspection room. Our OGP Avant & SmartScope video systems and Brown & Sharpe Chameleon & UHA XCEL probing systems are computer driven and programmable. This allows us to perform multiple piece projects much faster than most.

Output from our equipment can be supplied in any format that you prefer, at no additional cost. We can duplicate your internal paperwork (since most of our customers have in-house capability, they find it convenient to have the same format on inspection work done outside), provide statistical analysis via our SPC-PC IV or MiniTab software and/or provide GD&T evaluation via our EVOLVE SmartProfile™ software. Whichever way, the raw data is downloaded electronically from the equipment to the report, eliminating many typical human errors.

The next time your priorities are re-arranged for you, think of us as an extension of your own Quality Department. Quotes don't cost you anything. But, we do require an open line of communication to do your work. Why not put ACTCO to work for you?

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